When you're depressed, do song lyrics make you feel better or worse?

When your depressed do lyrics about depressing subjects, especially those relating to why your depressed, make you feel worse, or better? I think it makes me feel better, cause then I know other people have gone through what I'm going through, but then with some people it just makes them feel bad.

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If I'm depressed I don't write songs about depression. I write songs about my vengence on what's brought on my depression.
when i'm depressed the only lyrics i can actually listen to/read are optimistic ones or some acousticness love songs.
It makes me feel better for a bit, but the only way for me to really feel better is to write.
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it really depends on the lyrics...but overall listening to any music-except rap and country makes me feel better
makes me feel better, makes me feel like im not alone as cheesy as it sounds but music has that effect on me cause I love it so much, Just pop on some RHCP after a bad day, and man I end up feeling better. Thats why I play music. "We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams"
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when im mad or sad or bad i listen to crazy depressing music, mostly sludge and doom metal, like Isis, Neurosis, maybe some crowbar, Eyehategod, some sad deftones songs, some Pelican, and other sad stuff. OF course thats what i usually listen to anyway, but for some reason they make me feel better, but then when im not listening to it i feel like shit.
when im sad/angry, songs of that variety tend to even things out most of the time.
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I live for lyrics.

So, yes, they make me happy. Even when I'm not depressed, they make me happier.
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I tend to write more erractic (stupid) lyrics when depressed, listening to music changes my mood slightly but it depends more on personal things associated with the particular song than on the song's lyrical content, although it contributes.
well, i tend to listen to songs i can personally connect with when i'm depressed. like if i get dumped, i listen to break-up songs, or if someone dies, i listen to i-miss-you songs. pissed off=pissed off songs. sometimes it works, sometimes it makes it worse, but i dont feel like i am the only one who feels that way.
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They make me happier, because they remind me that I'm not alone.
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I like to listen to depressing Hank Williams Sr. songs to make me feel better about myself.
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Depends on the song. Some songs lyrics make me majorly deppresed. Some are like Wheee!!!

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If I'm depressed.. I usually put on sad songs.. And it makes me feel even worse because I think about why I'm depressed... =(
when I'm depressed, I listen to Bright Eyes. and Bob Dylan. I can't stand listening to music with shallow lyrics when I'm depressed.
I honestly don't know. When I'm depressed and I listen to sad songs I don't feel anything. It's weird.
They make me feel less alone in the situation, but hearing about it doesn't make me feel much better. So, a little bit of both for me.
for me:
it can depend on the kind of depression--if life or the world in general is the source of my funk, then depressed/angry music will often make me feel better.
If it's about a girl...MUCH worse.
But I'd be kidding myself to think I have a choice--I always depend on music, regardless of my state of mind, and listening to positive songs when I'm down usually just ends up irritating me, just like being in a good mood sometimes makes great metalwork seem hollow.
agreed, though--it always helps to know someone else is feeling the same way.