Have been wanting a new Dist. Pedal but something you don't hear every guy on the block playing. Was thinking about the Hot Head or the Bad Monkey from digitech. Haven't seen any posts on these. Thoughts?
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I was never a fan of Digitech... I rather dislike them.

I think Boss is the way to go my friend.
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tubescreamer all the way.. its an overdrive pedal.. but who cares.. its awesome.

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Depends what amp are you currently using and what to you play?

I've heard on the site theat the Bad Monkey is a pretty good deal for the price you pay, so it's worth looking into. In our sotre they're about $20 used.

I did own a hot head for some short time it had great distortion for what you pay. IMO really added to sustain and I could get some different tones. Agian very heavy/ strong distortion. I traded it in for a Boss DS-1 however which had more of an OD like sound it was a lighter distortion, not as tough but a very good quality pedal, which I love sounds great.
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If you want something no one else is playing then why bother with Digitech or Boss? Here are a few other options that will do the trick and then some.

Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive
Homebrew Electronics Full Metal Jacket
BBE Boosta Grande
Guyatone MM-X
Fulltone OCD
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