Hey guys. I ordered myself a Tama Starclassic 12-ply maple snare drum for christmas at the price of $475. only problem is, its been on backorder for 2 months and conditions dont seem to be improving. So ive decided to take another look at the market and see if theres anything else around that price range I'd be interested in getting instead.
I currently own a Schecter C-1 Blackjack, Fender HSS mexi strat, 1957 silvertone tube half stack, ibanez TS808, and Dunlop Hendrix Wah. I was thinking maybe a multieffects pedal like the Boss ME-50 or the Digitech RP350, or some new pickups for one of my guitars.

so my options (as far as I see - original ideas would help)
A: wait for my snare drum (which, by the way, is the drumming equivalent of ordering a quilted les paul custom)
B: downgrade to a lesser (yet nice) snare drum (I was thinking either Chad Smith signature, Gretsch 10-ply maple, or pork pie acrylic) and get something for my guitar at around 200-300 dollars
C: get something really nice for my guitarist side, although i'm not sure what to get around that price
D: get a lesser snare and a nicer ride (currently have a very shitty one)

thoughts? suggestions? I'm lookin at those aforementioned snare drums, the Boss ME-50, the Digitech RP350, maybe new pickups (although i have no idea which ones). If anyone has any reccomendations or reviews for me, it owuld be very helpful

What kind of pickups does your schecter have? You could put in EMGs [81/60]

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I'd just hold out for the good snare, otherwise you'll be kicking yourself later for not getting it.
I know for a fact that the snare is overpriced - or it would be, if it had any compettition. other snares I've looked at are relatively high end and weigh in at around 200-250 dollars. this snare is twice that much, but is probably about 20% better - only problem is, nobody else gives that 20%. so i already have some qualms about the snare.

schecter has stock C-1 Seymour Duncan JB and '59 pups. They dont have very much difference in character and they kinda play around the center of the tonal range without really excelling at any one genre - jacks of all trades in a sense. I use this guitar in drop-d tuning mostly, playing hard rock, alt rock, and metal on it (deftones, alice in chains, tool, lamb of god, lostprophets) so I'd be looking for a meaty and deep rythm pickup and/or a clear lead pickup with a lot of attack and sustain

anyone know anything about the Boss ME-50 or the Digitech equivalent? if either one of them is worth the money? or should i look at something else?