So me and my Girlfriend have our first anniversary (not married yet, just dating annivesary) coming up 5 days before valentines. But I don't know what to get her for either occasion. Any more experienced dudes have any good lady friend gift ideas?
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Vanilla Ice.
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Cook for her, it's nice and romantic. And it saves you money.
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Does she like jewlery? Buy like a small heart diamond necklace or something. she will go nuts, and the stores at the mall have them for like $70.00 around v-day.
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give her the best gift you can give a girl, buttsecks like the title says
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teddy bear. flowers. candy. wear female lingere and throw her off.

Idk do something unexpected in addition to like.. getting her flowers or chocolate.

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Write her a song. And when you're writing it, really bitch it up. Seriously, just think to yourself "how can I really sound like a bitch". She'll swoom.
One earring. Tell her that the other one is on the way. You couldn't afford it immediately, but you have it on layaway. Even if it's a lie. She'll love that you went broke for her.
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Hmmm... Good Suggestions.

Hey maybe I could buttsecks her?!!
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Propose. The only people who date for 5 years without dating are A) people who forget to break up, and B) same sex couples who can't marry due to the laws in their countries.
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