Tick tock,
Says the clock that’s on the wall,
G               F#
Time passes on, and so does the world,

No one’s here to harm you
They just want the facts,
Can you show them where they’re at?

G                        D
There is no comfort, only sorrow
G                    D
In what tomorrow may bring
A                             E
You’re waiting hopelessly for someone
   A                       E
To come and take the pain away
D                         G
When I was a boy, I had a record
  D                        G
I used to play it over and over
A                              C
But now it’s all scratched and faded
           G                          D
You cannot understand what the lyrics say
A          G                 D
I can’t control what’s going on.

  A       G          D   G             D

 A          E A           E   A

Play the following with the next vocals.


C          G                 D
I can’t control what’s going on.
A          G                D
I can’t control what I have done.

Note: Try to avoid singing the line "I can’t control what’s going on." and variants with the same tune as "I have become comfortably numb." I noticed that the two songs are somewhat similar after I finished this. However, the lyrical content is different, which is basically the only concern right now, I can change up the rhythm and the melodies.
for the verses, it's just once down and let it resonate, for the chorus, don't be afraid to experiment, just pick up the song and make it a little more upbeat, that's what i like about this song, that it sounds upbeat even though the lyrical content is somewhat cynical. on the comfortably numb topic, i did borrow a few words from the song here and there.
I like this alot, it flows very nicely and using the record as symbolism(I think) is a very nice touch as well.

The chords seem to fit in nicely with the song as well.

Crit mine Plz? it's in sig
in reality, it was a cassette tape, lol, but that wouldn't fit with the rhythm, this is part of and album that's a combination of some different things that happened to me and a former friend of mine