not sure if this has been done before, but oh well.

What song do you think is most worthy of having a full play-through every time?

I might have to say Imagine by John Lennon.
I made this thread a long time ago, biznatch.
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id say "dreamweaver" by stratovarious... i mean, i believe it can get me through the night
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Anything by Dream Thater I think.

Some of their stuff is long enough to make me not care if I have to pause it.

EDIT: That sounded really weird.
To me it has to be "You Know You're Right" by Nirvana and "You" by Candlebox.
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Bohemian Rhapsody - Quenn

Have to have that Wayne's World moment.
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im gonna say anything by opeth. especially anything from the blackwater park album. i think the shrotest song on there is at least 8 minutes long. if som1 interrupts me while im listening to that i go ape shit on their ass
Don't Stop Me Now - Queen.

Or anything by Queen.

Also, When The Levee Breaks.
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anything from Ride the Lighting, Master of Puppets and ...And Justice for All.
and all of Kyuss's Welcome to Sky Valley Album-the whole album is just 3 songs
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What the hell? Isn't it obvious? Eric Cartman's rendition of "Come Sail Away"!!!
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