You know how you say something over and over again to yourself you find yourself a little dumbfounded (dont know what it means) with the word.
Like some words when used repetitively won't sound the same or have the same meaning.
List some examples. lol
like Hips
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congrats, you made me chuckle at your stupidity.

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Yeah, it happens. It happened to me a few weeks ago with the word 'Shit'.
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I told someone that I used to do this all the time, and no one believed me.

Finally, I have found believers!

uh.....no comment
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i dont have the problem when i say it but i find when i type a word a lot then it looks weird

happened to me with the word money it looked like i was spelling it wrong but i wasnt
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Once I saw someone try to seriously give someone "the vulcan death grip". That was the dumbest thing I'd ever seen until I saw this thread.
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I do that all the time.

Boffin is a funny word. So it potato, broccoli, cheese, joke, lap, crumpets and breakfast.
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its like the weirdest word ever

that word will never be the same
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congrats, you made me chuckle at your stupidity.

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i did it with "room" not that long ago,...i still havent recovered.
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