This one's about the years between WWI and WWII. Very pretentious. But hey, it's me. Whatever.




The grey mob stands out in the churchyard
Their foreheads touched with dingy grey
There is no sunshine in their smiles
There is none left on Ash Wednesday

The cold earth spins throughout its orbit
Through empty heavens, as it turns
Yet all is dust upon this planet
And to the dust it will return.


Tell me how we got to be this way
We started out so well
Tell me why we are standing here
Here in this earthly hell

Tell me what do we make of this
Tell me how to turn back time
Tell me we can be at one
With God and mankind.


The dead lay under fields of poppies
In Flanders where the trenches scar the land
The war to end all wars is over
But lives on in the cries of the damned

The borders drawn in halls of mirrors
The second coming drawn in blood-red skies
21 years of fast and penance
Like 40 days and 40 nights




The dead lay under fields of poppies
The world lies under darkest night
Oh God, why have you abandoned me?
Why have you fled now from our sight?

The dead lie under fields of darkness
Where mustard gas mingles with our fear
And wait two decades for our Easter,
A bloody Easter, bloodied here!

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Quote by Jackal58
JoHNNERz you sir are my hero of the moment.
I notice how you have a straight-to-the-point style to this writing. It isn't really my sort of style but I still sense power behind your lines (maybe that is because of the serious subject) but either way it still carried impact. My favorite part was the 40 days and 40 nights reference. The chorus seemed decent as well.
I like it, a few bits dont flow to well but other than that its good. (thanks for the crit on my song btw )
Raise your chalice my brother
Raise it high
To catch the fire that falls from the sky