Can you put electric strings on an acoustic?
Will it produce the same, if not better, sound quality?
You can, but in my opinion it doesn't sound all that great. It's really twangy and doesn't sound acoustic at all.
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Ok, thanks.

I was talking to a guy I know & he said he had electric strings on his acoustic.
& He brought his guitar today & let me check it out
they didn't look small enough to be electric, so I figured he had some 'macho-brand' of strings or whatever, but he said they were just standard D'Addario electric strings.

The strings sounded like REALLY good quality.
So it definately stumped me.
^ You can get electric strings in many different gauges. But this is interesting, I'm curious as to how it sounds.

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I gave it a try, actually, I've got .10's on my acoustic right now. When I first put them on, it was really twangy, it sounded pretty nice and different. Its alot easier to do bends and hammer ons and stuff like that. I personally like it, but I really should throw some acoustic strings back on.