our music class has to perform on friday in groups

we've got a lead guitarists, drummer and me on bass

and we are either playing, like light to the flies by trivium or johnny b goode

i cant find bass tabs that seem right

iv downloaded a few guitar pro tabs for johnny b good and the bass is different in every one.

i have no idea which one is right. its the same with like light to the flies

do you guys know correct tabs for either of these songs

help is much appreciated

^sorry if its hard to understand, i have mild retardation when it comes to talking
light like to the flies! ill try see if i can find some correct bass tabs for ya
JBG in my opinion. And don't know about the tabs. If the bassline isn't complicated you could discover it by ear

Johnny be good.
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Johnny B. Goode by Judas Priest would be better than CB version, or any Trivium song.
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