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B-52 AT 112 60 watt (tube btw)
3 33%
Ashdown Falling Angel 40 DSP (also tube)
2 22%
other (try and keep less than $600)
4 44%
Voters: 9.
Hey, im finally growing out my old line 6. Im in search of a A7X-ish tone (sorry only example i have at the moment , yeah i know my user name..) But anyway my range is around $500-600 and i know a lot of people are going to tell me to just save up, but i really would like to stay in that range, kthanx.

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Either save up a little more money and buy something used or tell us what kind of music you play.
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you probably want to save up a bit and then go for something that will last you a decade instead of buying something now you will want to get rid of in 2 years
ok thanks, its just that i dont want to spend all that time saving up to just get something with more wattage, because it seems the highly recommended amps are 100 watts or something, so anyone know a great tube combo, regardless of price just seeing whats available.
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