I've started listening to the rhythm guitar a lot more in my music, you know, the little nuances and things like that... anyways... I've noticed that the guitar in a lot of funk music is very distinct... the specific song that is insipring me to post this thread is Payback by James Brown...

On to my question: How do you master funk riffs such as the one in Payback (and all the other songs with guitar like this)

what I mean is... the guitar sounds so crisp and even...

I may very well be off the mark but it seems to me that if you want to really get the sound of funk riffs such as this one a real think pick is needed... and... single coil pick ups? lights gauge strings maybe? I'm not sure... any help would be greatly appreciated... thanks all

Also, is the tab for Payback on this site correct or are there improvements taht need to be made on it?
you need to work on a constant right hand
it can never stop
it needs constant up/down, with downstroke on the onbeat and upstrokes on the offbeat.

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Funk is really tricky - inbetween positions on a strat or something similar are your best bet for the sound, loads of midrange and plenty of treble, bit of bass. Like darren said, the right hand has to keep moving, so you have to be spot on with both left and right hand muting. You don't need a thin pick though, you want control when playing stuff like funk so use a thick one.
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theres a video somewhere on youtube that shows frusciante showing a lessson on funk guitar

also theres alot of muting going on between notes and your right hand has to sorta hit all the strings at once even if you wanna only hit one note.
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After the poster above mentioned the Frusciante lesson on Youtube, I went about searching for you and here it is:


Towards the end of the video.
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Funk guitar is indeed a tricky one.
The guitar acts as lead and rhythm with percussive qualities.
Technicality is important but the groove and feeling in the playing are huge factors to make funk guitar effective.
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