Seeing Things I never Seen Before
Living A Life I Could Never Keep Alone
Messing Up a Single Moment
Messing Up a Sorry Person
All The Sorry Faces
All Those F***ked Up Places
Hate Me For Me
Hang My Head
It Feels So Empty
Lend Me A Light.

My Heaven Is Burning
Hell Is Drowning Me
Knowing Mistakes Are Changing me
Always Find A Way To Keep Me Here Waiting
But I’ve Waited Long Enough To Know
You’re The Cancer On Everything Beautiful
If I Chose to Walk Away,
I‘d Always Be Here Fading.

It’s The Mess That is My Soul
But I’m Still The One You Chose
It Might Be the Devil in your Eyes
Or Maybe The Angel To Make Things Right.


Playing Like A Broken Mic
Searching For The Things To Say
Just To Keep Me Here From Fading
Looking For A Answer
Just To Know What Heaven Taste Like.

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This is really good, i really like it, was well put, the cancer line was good and reminded me of "Kisschasy" (local Aussie band that is absolutely amazing). I really enjoyed it, it started off a little slow but got there in the end, try rephrasing some things, the verses sometimes sound a little awkward.

Well done
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