Hey all, I'm kinda learning how to sing and I'd love to have some easy songs to sing at parties. I don't mind about the guitar difficulty, though just for one acoustic would be best, and preferably a song easy to play when you are drunk, but it isn't really essential. If anyone could help me out it would be great. Cheers!
i would tell you, but you realize you would be "that guy" who isn't necessarily good at singing who is trying to get ppl to listen to him at a party. i'd recommend sort of what i did...practice singing a shit ton and then find the songs that fit my voice best to start and slowly practice more...be around good singers and observe habits. guitar and vocals are completely different beasts, and to be honest, i find vocals more satisfying...now that i have confidence..however, if you insist, just learn some punk rock and use open chords.
some incubus stuff.
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play a few scales and sing along with them, then you'll be able to find out what vocal range you have. from there it'll be easier to find songs that are in your key.

alternatively you could just pick a song that you'd like to sing and change the key into something that you can actually do. that's what i do
Dominated Love Slave, followed by I Like Bukkake.

Seriously though, Johnny Cash's cover of NIN's 'Hurt' would make a great cover, and it's very easy to play. Everyone knows it, too!

Also, try Tears in Heaven. Cliché, yes, but you'll be a walking chick magnet after that.

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through glass by stone sour....

+1. There's not many songs you can call classics anymore, but that's one of them.
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+1. There's not many songs you can call classics anymore, but that's one of them.

How is it classic when the album came out not too long ago? I think it's a mediocre song at best. "Inhale" is a lot better, albeit not as "catchy."

Almost any Oasis songs (Champagne Supernova, Wonderwall, Don't Look Back in Anger, etc) are easy to sing. You could also try Anyway You Want It by Journey.
Bother - Stone Sour

Great jazz based song, though not very complicated at all.

Baby by Chiodos, though you shouldn't attempt unless you have a high voice, Devotion & Desire by Bayside is another. Nothing Else Matters by Metallica, Wonder Wall by Oasis.
yes. wonderwall is a classic drunken singalong.
as is tribute by tenacious d.
and house of the rising sun.
and american pie?
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