Yamaha Acoustic-Electric Guitar.
I am not gigging and it's mostly for playing for myself. Is it worth it? I believe Yammie's have better quality control than Ibanez ones, especially the low end ones.

I am just looking for ones which I can plug in, doesn't really matter just so long it can last me for some time (e.g., not poor build qualities)
for 200 bucks, im sure this is all laminate, if your going to pay 200 bucks and your not gigging, sacrifice the pickup, and get a solid top acoustic instead.
Why you wanting a guitar you can plug in if you're just playing for yourself?
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Hmm, just in case. I might JUST be gigging, but that's just in case.
There might be special cases when I need it.
But how's this choice though? I expect nothing magical, but still.
Quote by fsb_ben
for $200, get the fg700s and buy a pickup.

Do that. Or do it with another cheap guitars in the guitars for under $300 sticky

Really though, are there any major problems with this guitar?

Otherwise how are the d10s
It's not good because out of that $200 you are paying a fair bit for a pickup that is going to be absolutely crap. That money, at that price could, and should be used to getting better woods in the guitar.
If you find you actually need a pickup or want a pickup for whatever reason later on then you can get a much better soundhole pickup.
This way you will actually be getting a decent sort of guitar, and if you decide you want to be able to plug in, you will be getting a decent pickup as well.

And I can't even find any info on the guitar, guitar centre and musicians friend don't have info on it and its not on the yamaha website. Which makes me less inclined to say its decent seeing as i cannot find any solid info
Thanks for your reply.
I guess I will go for a decent one.

How does the the Washburn D10S fare?

I am looking for an acoustic that has a fat tone, I play all sorts of stuff, versatility is NOT a factor. Yes, budget IS a major thing.
I have never personally played one.
But I have heard a lot of good things about it.
Wait till someone else comes along and hopefully they can explain the sound better.

Oh, and may I ask? Why is versatility not a factor when you play lots of things? Just interested.
I don't really care about versatility, it's still a guitar, although it may sound different.
Kinda hard to put into words, but yea.

D10s I will try I guess, since it looks cool :P
I want a black acoustic! That'd be so pimp. Along with death metal power chord strumming omg.