Hey all, before you flame me for being a noob, I just can do this quite well, I just need to know how to get the Heavy chunky sound, With my gear and settings it feels kind of flat or thin, Like its there but the power isn't, If you know what I mean.
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change where you're resting the fleshy part of your palm on the strings till it sounds right, or EQ it
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The distance from the bridge changes how much the strings mute. If you do it right next to the bridge there will still be some ring to it, which gives it a more solid tone.
Alter the position and pressure applied with your right hand.
You can get it bassy and loose, or tight and heavily muted.
Play around with it.
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Put the your hand next to the bridge. Almost over it.

i have a lp and have the same problem at times especially when playing seek and destroy it always seems to be noticeable there, any other songs i usually dont pick it out even if i have the gain and bass etc quite high even though metallica setting arent that but it sound even worse if i eq it like they do.... i thought it might be cause i had 9s on but with 10s the problem was still there

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