So my nutt falls off of my Epiphone les paul standard, and I take it to a luthier to get the whole guitar worked on. When I got the guitar back, it was perfect until I found out that the strap button was very very loose, so I tried to tighten it with a screwdriver, but it would turn the entire strap button instead of just the screw. After that I was fiddeling around with the strap button with my fingers and I pulled THE BUTTON out of the guitar with extreme ease... Does anyone have any suggestions for fixing this?
i do this to even my new guitars, i fill the hole with toothpicks, and wood glue, then i screw in the screw in, im pretty sure a lot of people do it as well, and it works and has never failed me yet, and i play very very rough on stage. Low tech, little work, and works perfect.

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Shove some glue in the hole, put in the screw, then wait till it dries and see.
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