I like this band quite a bit. My guitarists guitar teacher played with them and helped write a few tracks.

Breakdowns are brutal as ****. I also like the melodic-ness in a lot of their songs, something different from what I usually listen to.
Ride the dragon toward the crimson eye...

Vaginal Destruction

^ Do you like sludgey stoner/doom? Well then you should try Vaginal Destruction
Yea they're amazing. My band had the pleasure of playing with them in Wheeling over the summer. Unfortunately I didn't get to see them cause I almost got knocked out by my bass player from him hitting me in the head with his headstock. I had the worst headache and I just went outside and sat in our truck hah. I didn't even know what they sounded like at the time. Still fun haha.
I just downloaded The Renovation and Im really liking this stuff. If you know of anymore good melodic stuff like this DeadxWillxRise, PM me.
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Sick band, from NY too (word up). They played in my area a lot before they got big, me and a few friends have really early recordings that they did back in the day. Awesome band, hopefully I'll be playing with them soon since the kid that books our shows knows them and can/will book them.
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what an unfortunate band name...oh well the music seems cool
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the scream is so powerfull. my balls started two steppin.
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what an unfortunate band name...oh well the music seems cool

I thought the same at first.. but if you think of it an a non-generic way it's kindof original.
Amazing band either way though. I saw them with Emmure/Recon/Whitechapel here in Knoxville a month or so ago. Soo good live. Very cool guys too.
sorry to double post, but i just listened to the whole album. i'm impressed, really sweet guitar work.
thanks for the rec. been looking for more music like this.