Hiyas. Well, I like playing some nice sweet stuff, but I also wanna learn some rock and roll. I'll use NightWish as an example, their guitar(s) sound real, Idk how to explain it, but rock style. How do I set mine up like that, because now when I play it, I am playing heavy/rock stuff using a clean/high gain style, and high gain alone don't make it sound right.
BTW no I don';t know much about guitars or amps, but I do know how to play a guitar lol! Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks guys and gals.
if youve got eq settings like bass, mids, treble then go on the amp settings sticky in one of the forums and look at the settings ppl in bands with tones u like use, and then tweak them a bit to get the sound you want.
I like to keep the treble around 2 O' clock, mid / equalizer / wtf it's called on your amp at around 8 O' clock, and bass around 12 O' clock.

But then again, most tone-noobs spam settings like that so be careful.