So yeah i have a fender strat, that comes with the stock whammy bar. Ive held off on putting it on just so i dont have the desire to always fool around with it. but i think im ready to put it to use and i have a few retarded questions i need answers too.

1. How far to you screw it in....(when do you stop?)
2. How bad does it effect the tuning?
3. Also how hard should i "work" it
4. Does it stretch the strings alot? and if so, is that good?

any other valuable things i should know, spit them out, that would be great.

(im new to guitar if you didnt notice, only about a month in)

you screw it in as far as you feel cofrotable doing- usually i turn it until it becomes completely rigid then once its like that i move it back one turn so that i can move it up and down easily to get out of my way during solos when i dont use it.

as far as tuning goes- on a guitar like a squire strat- ive never owned one but on beginner guitars in general its going to go out if you use it excessively. i mean, a couple little tweaks here and there wont do you any harm its just if you decide to be randy rhoads and go crazy on it that youll go completely out.

it wont stretch the strings cuz unless you have a floyd rose you can only push it down i believe, so it isnt going to stretch them at all hopefully.

also a little tip- if you find that its hard to push down go into the back of your guitar and take off the plate nearest to where you put in your strings-depending on the guitar there might even be holes in the plate through which you thread your strings thats how mine is and there will be a couple screws attached to some springs. loosen up the screws just a little bit from where theyre attached to the wood of your guitar and then try to use the whammy bar- it should be a lot easier. and even a beginner can do that, its hard to mess up.
btw make sure your screws are completely even to each other- or whatever distance apart they were when you started just a little looser.