Kinda goes from a crappy intro into a verse and possible chorus/prechorus. This is my first ever recording so don't be too brutal :P

Edit: Please ignore the mess up at the beginning.
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You should try to make a more solid, slower riff and perfect it before you try to play too fast because it sounds kind of frantic/messy. you got the idea though, if its your first metal riff then keep at it, your off to a good start.
Thanks for the comment.
Yeah I realise it was sloppy as hell, but making stuff up like that and practicing them is actually helping build my skills.
O ya I know I didnt mean stop writing/practising stuff like that, just that its important to get your timing down really well. most metal sounds better when its really solid, practise playing along with a drum machine alot and it will help your timing immensely.
Alright cool thanks for the tips. I'll have a look for a decent metronome and I'll practice to that. Also need to get my picking sorted because that sucks at the moment.