before i begin, i am going to tell you under current situations i am without an amp.

i have only 50 dollars, making another 50 in a week. im desperately looking for ways to find money for a new amp.

if i can get anymore by march, im just going to run to the music store and buy w/e combo amp is on sale.

any suggestions on what i should buy? i checkedmusiciansfriend but the reviewsa rent helpful at all.

and also, any idea's for a 15 year old without a job to make some money quick?
futball season and football season.
I would advise not getting anything for $100, all you do is end up getting a piece of crap you'll want to replace as soon as you start playing with other musicians. Save up around $230, and play in a quiet room until you can afford:


that'll take you all the way to band rehearsals and possibly small gigs.

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