Hey guys I was just thinking about something that happened to me today, and it involves tapping, or more truthfully a lack of it.

My band were having a little jam around at the drummers house and we came up with a nice little riff that we plan to put into one of our songs. Thing is I'm getting bored of only using slap bass when it comes to this kind of thing, and thought that some tapping might work instead. Everyone says that I am a pretty accomplished bass player because I can play pretty much everything but I have never ventured into tapping on my bass.

Long story short, can anyone recommend me some ways/methods of introducing tapping into my playing? Thanks in advance peeps
Any beginner tabs or vids to show me how to do it? I have a basic knowledge but it's none too impressive...
you sound exactly like me. Tapping is definitely my bass weakness.
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there's a video by
partice guers on youtube.
the bassist from rhapsody
it's pretty outrageous.

Edit. http://youtube.com/watch?v=v8qZQBlGWF8

there you go

if not, search tapping lessons on youtube

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do a search for TECHNIQUE OF THE MONTH in bass forum and you will find a basic tapping lessons i done a while back. it should have some examples if you read the posts.


i can tell you now though, tapping takes a good while to get good at ! You wont be busting it next week at band camp

good luck man, tapping fcking rocks !
Alrite guys thanks for the quick feedback, I'll check the lessons on Youtube and I'll check your lessons applehead.

Cheers again guys!
i got my technique from watching stu hamm tapp his moonlight sonata over and over again

I still suck pretty bad at it though
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