i ordered a Boss RC-2 loop station off musicians friend in DEC but its in backordered ever since. so i canceled my order and i'm looking for a loop pedal. but i can't decide.

i looked at the Line 6 DL4 and the Akai Headrush and the Boss Loopstation RC20XL

what are the advantages of each?
i'm primarily looking for a pedal to jam with at home and practice and be able to record a rhythm and solo over it, but also i want to be able to use it live once i start gigging, and have it be a pedal that's easy to use while on stage.

but if theres no perfect pedal, is there a pedal that's great for live, and a seperate pedal that's perfect for just practice? if so, ill just get the one for practice now and gigging later.
thanks dudes

update: i'm highly considering the digitech jamman, the ability to connect to PC to save recordings is very cool
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The Akai Headrush is what i would reccomed out of those. A friend of mine has one and he's always raving about how awesome it is. And hes been playing for 15 years.

KT tunstell uses them apparently if that helps.
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I have a Boss DD-20 Giga Delay and it works great for looping. Also, it was a good deal.

I'm looking into the DD-20. How long does it let you loop for?
I used to have a DD-20. The delay was good, but the looping is pretty short, something like 23 seconds if I remember correctly. The DL4 has the same issue, not much looping time. The Headrush is ok, but in this case digital stuff is a lot easier to use and sounds just as good. I would get the RC20XL, it's got a ton of banks and if you get a footswitch for it you can control all your loops with your feet.