I'm going to attempt to make a LPB from this site: http://smallbox.zeonhost.com/projects/lpb1/index.html

I looked at small bear and they don't have all the parts I need (i.e. 830kohms resistors, but theres others too) and I also checked goldmine-elec and they don't have everything either. Does anyone know of a place where I can get everything on this list:http://smallbox.zeonhost.com/projects/lpb1/lpb1.txt
I'm new to electronics so the diagrams for that one are still a little complicated. Would it matter if I used like a 820kohms resistor instead of the 830? and if it wouldn't I still need a site to get the parts.
you can give or take a few percent on the values, so yes, it would work. and small bear has everything for the LPB-2, i've built it.
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