As we all know the month of February holds one of the most important holidays of the year

Many people would tell you it is valentines day or some other thing but they are lying.

I am of course talking about the glory that is pancake day. So on Tuesday the 20th how will you be feasting upon this most glorious of batter based foodstuff?

I don't like pancakes. Yorkshire pudding is made with similar stuff though so i'll be eating tons of them.
nice, i'll be either eating pancakes at home or heading to the pancake parlour.

also, don't forget feb 15 is "that's what she said" day
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Lemon and sugar.

Or jam.

Or Baileys.

or....fuck it, lets just keep the pancake plain and have a crate of stella?
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Lemon and sugar!

Anything else sucks.

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Homemade pancakes, real natural maple syrup and a glass or chocolate milk.

Admit it, it does not get much better than that.
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Some home made pancakes with lemon juice and sugur. Hell yeah.
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Pancakes with raspberry jam in 'em.
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With syrup for me.
Is the 15th really that's what she said day? I'll treat it as such either way, but I am curious...
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Ahh home made pancakes with lemon and sugar. I don't know why I only eat them once a year...
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Is the 15th really that's what she said day? I'll treat it as such either way, but I am curious...

according to the 128,000+ people on the International "That's What She Said" Day event page on facebook, yes. according to the world at large, no probably not.
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