I have a JCM800 single channel and I need a good reverb pedal. I tried a holy grail through it but it created unbearable noise, I guess because I have no FX loop. So, if there is anybody who has dealt with this problem before, please help.
I run my holy grail through an MG (). No problem with feedback, maybe you got a dud.
The holy grail is a great pedal. Its not your pedal. Its the fact that there is no FX loop. Putting reverb before the preamp is unnatural in itself. Unfortuneatly theres nothing you can do with a single channel 800, short of modding it.

What you need is a cheap noise reducing pedal, like a rocktron hush pedal. Put the reverb, then run the hush pedal after it. It'll cut out the hiss and hum and won't affect your tone hardly at all (just keep a fresh battery in it, after it starts to die it jacks your sound up.)
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