Oh God...I can see this getting ugly fast....

I'm just going to wing out a few people. I'm not listing off who I think are the best guitarists, because that isn't important. It is about who is the best musician. Zakk Wylde is an amazing guitarist, but when I see him live and he does a billion hour boring solo, I wanna shoot myself.

But that is off topic...Some of my favorite muscians are Kirk Hammet, Chad Kroeger (I love to watch that guy play guitar...and I don't know why), and Joe Walsh. Again...not saying best guitarists, just those who rock out the most in the my opinion or whom I love to just watch the most live.
well, this is a bit of a difficult question. it's all about what your definition of "best" is. to some people, it's all about speed (which imo is completely wrong), others feeling in playing etc. and we all like different styles.

but my favourite guitarist atm is john frusciante, and even though he doesnt shred and stuff, craig fairbaugh from +44 is immense live (no flaming please!)

as for bassists, erm, flea is a bit of a dude, although some people think he's overrated. victor wooten is awesome.
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Ok, a question is totally stupid....so, what is the best sounding note today ?

i personally find "d" quite arousing