as the title says, i want to build a fender jazzmaster, but i am a complete noob to guitarbuilding.
so, does anybody have tips, building plans for a jazzmaster (or jaguar), if it is possible to make it!,
where to get the knobs, pickguard, what wood do i use, how to put the finish on, etc...

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i've built a strat and a tele. My advice to you is buy a body already cut. That will save you a lot of hardship if you dont have experience. If you want to shape the body yourself, you'll need alot of tools and it takes a lot of time. Use alder or ash wood. Laquer finish and polish it up real nice. i'm sure there are sites online somwhere that can give you more detail.
http://www.basspartsresource.com/electrical_prewired.htm has prewired jaguar assemblies. i'm not sure of anywhere that sells Jaguar/Jazzmaster bridges though, since few people actually make their own jazzmasters nowadays
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