So I was sitting in IA class today realizing that I was failing because the projects are all so boring thus not giving me that won't to work on them(second time Im makeing a fricken wooden stool and I just stoped even following the instructions) So Im thinking of maybe next semester to attempt at a tube amp or atleast a SS (I already know the dangers of building a Tube so dont worry about that)

My first concern is I havn't taken the basic electric course which is offered, although I proboly know more then that course teaches, Im not sure if they would let me do a big ass project without the basics course being done.

Second, Im not the best at the electronics side of it, now would say getting and following a schemetic for say a mesa boogie off the net be best or is building the high gain thingy to hard and I should stick to just a clean one channel amp?

Third all, How expensive are all the parts generally?

sorry, im a little bit of a noob here
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Building a mesa-boogie style amp from a schematic would be INSANELY hard. I would stick to a one channel amp.

You could build a JCM800 clone, there is plenty of schematics out there for them.
somewhere there's a vox ac30 schematic on the forums that wasn't impossible. search for 'part numbers' to find it. sounds odd, but i remember the thread well.

EDIT: nevermind. google ac30 schematic if you want it.
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Don't build a bit multi-channel amp. It will cost loads too.
Small project will get an equal amount of credit, and you'll be more likely to actually be capable of it.
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