Hey everyone, C4C.

This is Nightshade, just finished the song and am curious what you think.

Oppression, quiet and Repressed
Swept under the seams
the bed of the acquiesced
where we sleep, insomniac dreams
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alright, first off. you zipped a rar file and uploaded that. just to let you know.

For the most part, it sounds like the guitar and bass are on different pages. different vibes. it works sometimes, but other times, it just sounds bad.

Also, it's repetitive. and what's up with that breakdown? it doesn't even sound like it's part of the song.
Talk about experimental.

I thought the bass and the guitar worked well. First riff and your verse riffs are really good, liked them. I didnt really like the chorus though. It was pretty damn experimental, i think it would sound better if it was a bit heavier. I wasnt a fan of the breakdown, didnt really add anything to the song.

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kinda reminds of a wierd system of a down song. I dont really like it, it sounds really random and stuff.

wtf was that breakdown lol? I literally said what the **** when I heard it.

You gotta get some more structuring into your song dude, some melody, right its just random riffs.
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