my friend is offering me a practically new digitech bp80 effects pedal for about £40, is this a good deal, and is the pedal worth it?
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I checked musiciansfriend.com and it looks alright. The price offered on the site is $99.95, which is around £62, so I'd say it's a good enough deal.
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thanks, but is the actual pedal decent, or should i just buy another for similar money.
The pedal is a wee bit of a toy... but it should get you familiar enough with the effects that when you out-grow the 'toy stage', you'll know what effects you use and don't use. Go for it!
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There's a good variety of basic effects on this pedal, good enough for practice/toying with. My only problem with it is that some of the effects just aren't good enough, and it lacks the ability to finely tune. The envelope filter is particularly poor imo, I'd sooner dish out money for a FX25.

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I'm looking at something the same just to play with a bit and its a pretty good deal. If you want to spend a bit more though and go brand new, the korg and zoom look very tempting
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I own this pedal ages ago and used it to figure out what single pedals i would need in the future. THe effects arent top notch but i still used it for gigs but the real bitch was that u have to push down both pedals to bypass the unit which takes a while to master
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I own one of these, and I really can't stand it. Most of the effects are poor in quality, especially the fretless. It has a few cool amp models, but it's not really worth your time. Also don't expect to play very loudly at all because it will only go as high as the volume on it, which isn't loud at all. Normally I just plug my headphones into it and play with it that way. I guess it's ok just to toy with if it's going to be your first experience with effects though.