my freind is looking to buy a new guitar, hes a pretty good player, been playing for about a year and has narrowed down his choices to these four:





the problem is that he doesnt know the first thing about guitars, tone or anything like that. so he asked me and a few mates to pick out the best guitar from those four

on top of that weve all been trying to convince him that he needs a better amp(hes in a band and only has a 12W practise amp) so we dont really know what to do

i thought maybe i could suggest a fender standard strat and a vox valvetronix amp?

he mostly plays indie, classic rock and blues if it helps
New amp first of course. God damn, is he dumb?
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not the bc rich for that, id get the sg or the ibanez he could get a telecaster custom MIJ for about 500 which would suit him well too i think.
I personally dont think there good choices for what he plays has he played any?
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New amp first of course. God damn, is he dumb?

no hes just not well educated in the way of the guitar

he hasnt tested many guitars yet, hes played my LP standard and my psr, likes my les paul a lot but he plays it thru my vox, which would be a good reason why he like the tone
New amp first, you can't play in a band with a 12W amp. But if he's determined in caring more for the oh so pretty guitars, then that Ibanez would do him just fine, best guitar out of those.
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1. the acrylic finish just adds weight to the guitar. sure it looks cool, but the tone is crap and the guitar is heavy.
2. Les Paul: with just one pickup, versitality is going to be an issue

i'd recommend either the Ibanez or the SG.
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The Warlock is just plain hideous for that style of music (and probably every other). It depends what he like the feel of really as sgs feel quite different to les pauls. Your strat suggestion is a good one but personally i'd go for this http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/yamaha-aes620-electric-guitar/12121

This guitar is so good for the money, mahogany body, seymour duncan JB pickup, nothing compares for that price.
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The Ibanez is the best by a long shot, but he needs a new amp something chronic!

If he's really desperate to get a new guitar too then with a £550 budget...

Any of these (all pretty different but all very good at what they do)


plus any of these
http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/ibanez-ar-300/11145 (yes, it's the same ibanez!)
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If you wanna look good go with the SG other wise get the Ibanez
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For what hes playing a decent quality fender would be fine...possibly with a VOX combo