Poll: Custard? hot or cold?
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17 45%
21 55%
Voters: 38.
Do you prefer hot or cold custard? I personally prefer cold, and people say i'm odd
Just had a full on arguement with the family about it, throwing chairs etc..............
If you don't like Custard... Don't complain there's no "i don't like custard" option
dude. cold custard is amazing!!!!! i wouldn't have mine any other way :p put up a poll

Edit: nvm i see that you did
It's nice either way... nothing like hot custard on a rhubarb crumble though
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Hot. On apple crumble.

LOL i just had apple crumble, that's what made me do this thread
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Cold and in a trifle.

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LOL i just had apple crumble, that's what made me do this thread

Everyone's gotta have custard with apple crumble. Hot or cold, it's like a law
hot with Bakewell Tart *drools*
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Dude, you just made the most intelligent post in this entire thread. Congrats.
Crême Brulée (sp?)
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^ wow i actually almost missed that hahaha iforgot your a genious

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Hot custard, I can't stand it when it's cold for some reason.
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Crême Brulée (sp?)

and who the hell has custurd hot? thats weird
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Culver's Frozen Custard is beyond amazing. Their butterburgers are good too, too bad there's not one for 500 miles around here.
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