ok I'm going to keep it short and sweet. I plan on buying a new guitar, I was planning on geting an ltd guitar with EMGs either the Eclipse of the Viper, but I decided I'd do some research before I lay down hard earned cash. I pretty much exclusivley play obnoxious brutal death metal, and want something that isn't going to cause a lot of feed back. I'm playing through a marshall hdfx100 head and a marshall 1960a cabinet. I only want so spend about 400 dollars and definatley no more than 500. I want rawest bone crushingest baby killingest guitar I can get for the money. Opinions?

p.s. I'd prefer something with EMGs or comparable.
What guitar do you have now?

A new amp head would probably be recommended .

Are there LTD's for that cheap that have real active EMG's?

I see some with the EMG-ESP ones (which I'm not really sure how decent they are) and there are some with EMG-hz pickups (those are passive EMGs, and not particularly good sounding).

Here's an Epiphone Limited Edition G-400 with real EMGs for $500.
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yea I plan on upgrading my head, but truthfully it gets loud enough for now. the guitar I have right now is an Ibanez GAX120(i do beleive) its the double cut away Ibanez, it used to be my dads, he got it for 200 dollars and I think he bought it about 5 years ago, maybe longer. Anyways its falling apart, and its my dads guitar, and I plan to relocate once I graduate in may and he might not want me to take it with me(the amp is mine though). Oh and also you can't get an ESP with real EMGs new for 400 but you can find one on eBay. But yea any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Also you can hear my music here - www.myspace.com/watchusbleed to get a better idea of the style I play(if I didn't make it clear enough). Yea I've seen that SG but I don't want to spend 500 unless I absolutely have to, plus I used to own a g 400(got stolen from me) so I kinda want to do something different.