i just recently bought some gibson burstbucker pros and slapped them in my les paul studio, previous to those boys i had alnico 490's, great tone and i could get awesome pinch harmonics out of her, but now with the burstbuckers i've got clarity and defidently a hotter output but i've lost my pinch harmonics, they sound sloppy at best.. it really sucks, any tips to get back my squeal?
I noticed this there supposed to give you that 1959 Les Paul sound, try putting a Ibanez TS in with it the extra boost might help you out but mine died lol, but I’m a blue's player so I don’t need it anyway.
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hey, thanks for the feedback, i've done a little research and i was hoping that maybe some tinkering with the pin height or something similar might cut it, but i don't want to start doing that until i've gotten some feedback on that issue, i appreciate your help, thanks!