I recently bought a new set of strings (Rotosound 50-110). I bought them, because with my two metal groups tuned a step down (DGCF). Are these strings suitable for this tuning and what gauges are appropriate for other tunings ( lower or higher). I'd appreciate every comment with some sense in it.

Thanks in advance.
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To put it simply thick strings are better because they stay tighter when tuned low. These same strings may be a bit hard to play on when in standard though. And the higher frets might even buzz a bit. This obviously won't be a problem because you're going to tune low. Vice versa for thin strings.

I personally use a little thicker than medium for my bass. And I play almost all in standard. But thats just personal preference. I just like the feel of thick bass strings when I'm fingerpicking.

I wish bass strings weren't so bloody expensive, I've only played 2 gauges.
Personally I love thick strings. I play Ernie Ball Power Slinkys on my ESP LTD F104. Their gauge is 55-110, and it's currently the heaviest I could find. They're great for drop C and the like. They're tight as heck in standard, but I love it. TONS of punch! By the looks of it, your strings would be about ideal for your tuning, and the only real difference between my strings and yours is the G and maybe D strings. My advice to you is to definitely get your truss rod adjusted for this gauge, because the tension can definitely bend things a little.
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With that Rotosound gauge, I can only get down to Eb without them feeling too loose. It really depends, however, on where it is you pick the string. I play close to the neck's end, so the strings are really loose there. If you play closer to the bridge, the strings are more taut, making them easier to play without them flopping. However, the tone sounds much different near the bridge as opposed to near the neck.
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I pick the strings between my p and j p-up on my Washburn T14 and they are not flopping.
I was searching for heavier gauge but 50-110 was the heaviest I found around here (i live in Sofia,Bulgaria). And damn, they are quite expensive.

Thanks for the reply,too.