can anyone reccomend me some good acoustic songs or riffs?
i dont know why but i just had the urge to play some and i only know 2.
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Tupac Shakur.
Times like these - Foo Fighters
Minuet - From first to last (Good picking excercise)
Memory - Sugarcult
Tears in heaeven if you up for it
im assuming you like blink so i'd say "what went wrong" also "there is" by boxcar racer.
My hero by foo fighters sounds pretty good acoustic , listen to it on the skin and bones album
going to california by led zeppelin
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Acoustic forum...
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eleanor by jet or alot of tenacious d
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The L-Town Shakedown by Patent Pending. The opening half is acoustic, but no one has a tab for it.
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Can't Find My Way Home - Styx
Green Tinted Sixties Mind
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Road Trippin' - RHCP
Ocean - John Butler Trio
Mist - John Butler Trio

Absolutley beautiful. One of my favorite instumentals ever.
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Journeyman- Iron Maiden
Broken - Seether
^Absolutely simple, people tend to recognize it

Also +1 to Ocean - John Butler Trio
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