I have the opportunity to buy this 800W Yorkville head for $250 CDN used. Right now I have a Fender Bassman100 Combo amp, and am looking to upgrade my gear, so I figured getting a pretty decent head/cab would be a good move; this way I have a powerful head that I'd be able to use with any cab I plan to get in the future.

I don't have any idea of what cab to get though - I was thinking of a 4x10, because I can't really lug/don't really need an 8x10. But this head is 800W@4 Ohms and 600W@8 Ohms.. what reasonably priced (~$500 CDN) cab can handle 600W? My price is kinda low b/c I'm also planning on getting a new bass, so I don't really have too much cash to throw around.

So yeah, any cab suggestions?
Man, how the hell can you get the head for that cheap?

Anyway, I don't think too many 410's are 600W at 8ohm, but there may be some 4ohm 610s that could do the job.
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Well, it's used, but I'm still kind of sketchy on the details - the guy didn't really give that much. I'm still waiting for second reply from him. For all I know, the input is broken and the gain knob doesn't work.

I guess I'm kind of jumping the gun on the cab question (since I don't actually have the head yet) but I was wondering, just in case I do choose to buy it.
Be sure to check out Avatar. They make very good cabinets for bottom-line prices, and their customer service is supposedly very good.
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