this is a story i wrote in my study hall for ap english. feedback por favor.
The Radioactive Trout

It was a gloomy, rainy Saturday when Lovak was browsing through all of the garbage at the Wizard of Odds. He loved spending his Saturdays here, and often came after school when he wasn’t doing quiz bowl. This particular Saturday, Lovak was looking for a fanny pack, but couldn’t seem to find the right one. He’d been searching for about three hours, when suddenly, he saw it. It was the most beautiful fanny pack he’d ever laid his eyes on. He slowly picked it up and strapped it around his waist. It was indeed a glorious day, and the heavens opened.

However, in his ecstasy, he hadn’t realized that there was an object inside the fanny pack. He realized this, and unzipped the fanny pack to retrieve the mystery object inside. He pulled it out, and stared with awe. It was the most unearthly, beautiful thing he had ever seen. It was a radioactive trout. Its intense radioactivity gave off a soft nuclear glow that gave the trout an immaculate look of holiness. Looking closely, Lovak saw words inscribed on the trout, and read them.

To he who finds this holy trout
Three wishes he will receive
But heed these words and wish wisely
Or regret it for eternity

“Liek, wtf,” said Lovak. Oh well, it didn’t matter. Lovak had three wishes, and he wasn’t going to waste them. He knew immediately what he’d wish for; something he’d been wishing for all his life. He closed his eyes and squeezed the trout. Out of nowhere, a toaster appeared. “Sweet!” Lovak cried happily. Now, you may be thinking that Lovak made a foolish wish, but this wasn’t just any toaster. This was a toaster that could make not two, not four, but twenty pieces of toast at once!

Lovak reverently placed a slice of bread into each slot of the toaster. Then, with an action that revolutionized the making of toast forever, Lovak pressed down the lever on the toaster. An intense blast of heat, singeing his eyebrows, burst forth from the toaster, and then it was over almost as quickly as it had begun. Lovak looked inside the toaster, and behold; twenty pieces of toast! Lovak couldn’t believe his eyes. If such power in toast-making could be harnessed, who knows where he could be in a few years? Lovak lovingly held the radioactive trout, which was burning his fingers into a dark black. To Lovak, it was euphorius feeling.

In the days that followed, Lovak made and sold toast by the dozens, and sales were steadily increasing. Then, when Lovak walked into his kitchen one morning, he stood with his mouth open in shock. There was no more bread. Lovak couldn’t believe it! If there was no more bread, then there would surely be no more toast, and if there was no more toast…
Lovak shuddered, too horrified at the prospect of no more toast. He whipped out the nuclear talisman from his pocket. “Oh great trout, it cannot be! We must have more bread, like an infinite amount, to keep our toast operation going!” No sooner had he said this than the doorbell rang. Lovak slowly opened the door. A man was standing there, and he extended his hand and shook Lovak’s. “Congratulations, Mr. Lovak,” the man said, “you’ve won a lifetime supply of bread from Wonder Bread.” Lovak’s eyes were filled with blissful tears, and he praised and worshipped the trout, and gave thanks unto it. Then all of a sudden, he had an idea: if he could wish for more bread, surely then he could wish for more toasters. Making his final (and costly) wish, Lovak said “Oh great trout, I wish for a toast factory full of toasters that can make twenty pieces of toast!” In the blink of an eye, Lovak’s house disappeared, replaced by a gigantic factory full of toasters that made twenty pieces of toast! It was the happiest day of Lovak’s life, or so he thought. His entire hand was now black from the radiation.

Fifty years later..
Lovak stood behind the desk in his office, staring out the giant glass window that took up three walls of the office. Over the past decades, Lovak had continued to revolutionize the way toast was made, becoming a mastodon in the toast industry, and eventually monopolizing it. Then, as he stood there, he dropped dead from radiation poisoning. He had failed to foresee his death, and had wasted his last wish.