Poll: Have you ever pooed online?
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Yes, i enjoy it
5 63%
No Im Jewish
3 38%
Voters: 8.
Hey guys, I have always loved having wireless internet. For nearly a year now I have experienced the advantages of having internet access available anywhere in my home. I am currently sat on the toilet taking a poopy and I thought Id ask how many of you who have access threw a wireless connection have taken a poo while online.
wireless internet shitting > everything
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I just made a thread about laptops the other day and it started off with, "Right now I'm on the toilet pooping and listening to Opeth"
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I bet £10 its unencrypted too.

using your internet for free FTW
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I'm a non-regular regular old user.
I have a wireless connection on my computer, but its a desktop, and i didnt feel like running a card all the way across the house, so no, I can't sit on the toilet and go online.
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I bring my computer with me to the toilet. It is definetely awesome surfing the net while on the toilet.