Hi, just discovered this forum. It looks very informative. I hope this isn't too common a question so I just want to thank any and all responses in advance. They are most appreciated. What I am curious about though is the general length of time it takes for an average student to pick up chords. As my username implies I am brand new to guitar, but not to music. I have several years of experience on piano and drums but am just now beginning to pick up the guitar. So anyway, I pretty much get all the theory stuff my teacher has given to me so far. My question is though, how much time should I expect it to take to learn basic chord progressions. So far I am on my second lesson and working on C,D, and F chords. They seem to be coming along but are also frustrating. Seems I often can't get all the notes wring clearly and can hardly switch between them without awkward pauses and repositioning. The feel is a lot different than what I am used to on piano. I practice anywhere from a half hour to an hour a day. In your opinion, how long do you think it should take for somebody with some music background like myself to pick it up to where things are clear and fluid? After you learn the first few chords, does that tend to make learning the harder chords come a little quicker? Any tips that will help me improove in my practice? Thanks again.
Took me a little over a month stick with it I promise you'll look back and laugh. Then you get to do bar chords and those are torture on your hand. Good luck man and don't give up
ooo and this might seem dumb, but look up Stephen Lynch. He is a comedy guitarist and all most of his songs are just simple chord progressions. Not only will it help you with your chord changing but also the ability to sing and play.
It took me so so long to get my first few chords down, but after that I found that everything came far easier. The first few are the biggest hurdle.
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