The new Gibson les Paul has a HEX digital pickup, but that just seams like a Roland gk2a, sow if you can mix your pickups with a Roland gk2a you'll get the same thing, right?

Opinions, please.
I'm not sure what you're asking, but the Gibson digital pickups aren't the same as Roland's hex pickups. The Roland hex pickups are for feeding into a midi synth/trigger or similar, and every string must be kept separate or samples can't be activated properly. The gibson has an encoder built in, so the data for each string is digitized at such a high bitrate that no info is lost. It can send 32 bidirectional channels through a cat-5 cable, but you need the "break out box" to convert the channels back to analog, (so they can be routed to different amps/processors/effects) and to send signals back to the guitar (stereo headphones).