does anyone know where i can buy one of neil zaza's guitars? i know cort makes them but i can't seem to find a cort dealer, let alone one who sells neil's. any help appreciated.
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neither is great. The Fender is bad though, unlike the Behringer which sounds so bad that it makes you want to stab out your own eardrums with a blunt pencil . hope that was helpful.

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Cort NZ sig guitars are pretty impossible to find in guitar shops at the moment. If you're living in the US, trying is eBay is your best bet for the best deal - I saw one for $699 as I remember correctly.
In europe, try out www.playback-europe.com
I'm also thinking of getting one for a second guitar since the value is tremendous (as with other Cort guitars I've played these years)
Keep rocking and I hope you find it.
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