Ok, I just thought of this when I was about to make a generic "What song shud I learn next !11?/1?!?!" type post, when I decided we could make a little game out of a post like this.

Basically, it goes like this - Post the 3 hardest songs in your repetoire (assuming you know 3 songs!), post the music you like and the kind of music you are into, and what aspect of your guitaring...guitarmanship you would like to progress. The next person recommends you a song (or songs) to learn, leaves his details, and so the cycle continues indefinetely. This way we're getting info, learning about each other, and learning new songs and stuff.

It could be fun, dammit, stop looking at me that way.
Anyway, I'll get us started :

1. Canon Rock (sans sweep picking)
2. Stairway to Heaven
3. Time of your life.

I'm a beginner :P I'd like to learn a slow song I could sing with, as I am also a singer, like Jack Johnson or something so I can progress switching from one chord to another. Any recommendations ?
I recommend Nirvana's Smells like teen spirit and The Cranberries' Animal Instinct.

1) Megadeth - A tout le Monde
2) Iron Maiden - No More lies (1/2 one of the solos)
3) Megadeth - She Wolf

I still consider myself a beginner, I would love to work on my soloing.



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