Hey im doing this thing for college and i need to find 3 swing songs and 3 pop songs with good bass lines.

so if you can help me then please reply!

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Sweet Child O' Mine- GNR (ok technically not pop but that has a good bassline)
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For Fever, Peggy Lee was not he original artist, but recorded the most famous and my favorite version of the song.

And Duke Ellington is a good artist to mine for swing.
I also second the Duke Ellington motion, I'm currently playing that song in my jazz ensemble! Great catchy bass line. I would also suggest some more jazz-esque songs. If you could get something from Birth Of the Cool by Miles Davis to be considered Swing or Pop, then I would choose "Boplicity." It's another jazz song I'm covering, and I LOVE the bass line. Great range of notes, in fact I think it goes up to a high F# near the beginning if I'm not mistaken. Even though it's just a walking bass line (for the most part), it still sounds great. It's played on an upright, too; that puts the icing on the cake.
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Black Night - Deep Purple

its a rock song in the style of swing, so its a swing bassline
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search even somewhat before you post. there are atleast 3 threads with this exact thread title, as well as one dedicated to jazz & swing a while back.

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