Right, I'm trying to put together a little spreadsheet with different guitar and bass shapes. The guitars are fairly easy - tele, strat, lp, sg, the whole lot - but basses seem to vary a lot more in design. There's obviously the good ol' Fender Precision and Jazz Bass and the Hofner Violin Bass, but other than that, any body shapes that have become more or less standards?

Thanks in advance.
Now that I think about it, not really. I mean its either a variant of a guitar shape, or its based off of a Fender P or J.
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its pretty hard because they just tend to go along with most guitar shapes now or are just a generic bass shape

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Well, I'm not looking for distinctive shapes as such - there's more of those out there than you could shake a stick at. I'd age 20 years before I could list all the custom, concept, boutique and other one-off models ever done.

What I'm looking for are basic shapes that have evolved into de facto standards and are oft-copied by other manufacturers. Like the aforementioned Stingray and Rickenbacker (4000 series?) - thanks for those! The Thunderbird is basically the Firebird shape so I had that covered, but thanks anyway.
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I'm sorry in advance.

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Hmm good question, off the top of my head I can't think of anything other than what's been said already. You get SG and Les Paul basses, but I wouldn't know whether to class them as bass body shapes, they're electric guitar shapes tradionally.
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Don't forget the Cirrus shape.
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