So I've been thinking of getting a Les Paul with a Tremolo for my 2nd guitar. I've checked out the Stetsbar and a couple Burny's (although I haven't found one on eBay), and so far I can't seem to find a fairly decent amount of Les Pauls with Tremolos. Last time I checked on eBay, I couldn't find many.

So I'm not sure where I should go from here. Should I get a Les Paul (maybe a Tokai/Burny/Greco or Epi Custom) and a Stetsbar, or an LP with some sort of tremolo already fitted on it? Would it be fine/safe to get a tremolo installed on an LP, and if so, which tremolo should I get?

Now I didn't really know if I should put this in EG or GB&C, but since the tremolo is really what I need help with, I decided to put it here. Hope its alright.

Oh, and if anyone knows of any other LPs with tremolos (on eBay or whatever), I'd be grateful to know about them.

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There isn't much range (or tuning stability) with the Stetsbar. I say the one with a Floyd already on it or buy an LP and get a Kahler fitted on it.
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I'm not looking to do major divebombs or anything, so I'm not sure about the floyd rose. Unless, you know, its also suitable for lighter stuff.

The Kahler doesn't look too bad. Would it fit on my LP without any drilling or anything? 'Cause I'm sort of getting that idea from the pictures. It looks pretty simple....

EDIT: What about the Wilkinson tremolo system?
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Floyd Rose makes a trem that mounts directly on a Les Paul without modification. Dunno about Kahler, though.
According to the FR site, that particular Floyd Rose is apparently very rare and hard to find. I can't seem to find it on eBay either.
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There are Kahlers ment to fit stud mount guitars, like Les Pauls.
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Agile makes Les Pauls with bigsby and trems I think.

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neil young plays a les paul with a bigsby and does some INCREDBILE stuff with it.

The bigsby is a really good bet. If you want to use the trem like hendrix, id go with a kahler.

It shouldnt be too much to put one on.

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YUCK! Sweet Mother of Keith Richards! What in the name of all things holy is that LP with single coils and a Floyd? What the FUCK has this world come to?
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Get a bigsby.


great for a little vibrato and bending, if you get a roller bridge you won't have to worry about tuning stability

oh, and if you have the cash, get the real MIA one, not a die cast import version, it's worth the extra cash

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well if youre looking to buying a les paul and get a trem on it, wouldnt it just be easier to buy a prs?
if youre not gonna be doing divebombs and you have enough money go for a singlecut trem. vintage trem on a singlecut(lp) body. doesnt seem like you could go wrong.
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