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I was wondering ...do the different modes suit different vocal styles ...i mean could there be a mode under which a singer sounds better because the chord progression suits his vocal range and style ?
Treat a vocal line just like a guitar line. You want to make sure you are using the appropriate notes.

There are some instances where a singer may not be able to sing high. Perhaps D major is too high for your singer. You wouldn't simply tell him to move down a half-step and sing in C# Locrian as that contains the same notes and doesn't help you out at all. To deal with that, you would move the song down enough that he can sing, or tune all instruments down enough that he can sing. Both do the same thing to the sound, one (down-tuning) just allows you to use the same exact fingerings.
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good point there ...but how low can you tune is ....my prob is that...i use a half down tuning ....thts the lowest i can tune my guitar...i mean ...any lower and the strings start getting too loose....and yet i feel tht i dont get the mathchin notes for my vocals ....i always have to compramise here by singing in a key in which ill have to restrict my voice or at one which is too high ....ive tried so many different things ....changin the key ...playin diff chords lik add and maj7 and min7 to see if they suit ....but been able to find nothin until now
Buy some thicker (11s or 12s without a wound G) strings and tune down a whole step or maybe even 1.5 steps. Also, try to increase your range by singing a lot and don't be afraid of using a falsetto if you must.
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whats a falsetto ?

It's basically when you make yourself sing unnaturally high. You should be able to do this.
i would like to point out that some bands use alternate tunings or play songs in different keys to suit the vocalists style. randy rhoads used to do it for ozzy all the time. metallica tunes down 1/2 step on everything now cuz james voice has dropped since he was 20 (smokin and drinkin'll do that) make sure you're singing properly, i don't know how old you are but if you are in your teens your voice should still be comparatively high (by the time you hit 25 ish it will have dropped quite a bit from your teens) and singing in higher registers shouldn't be too hard especially if you're singing from the diaphragm.