My friend just offered me to join a band and I think it's gonna be pretty much punk, and when I was talking to him about it, he mentioned that their 2nd guitar player sucks and they want me to play lead.
And I have never played lead before. I asked my brother, who is the bassist, about it, and he laughed at me and told me to start making up solos. So now I'm really nervous, since this is the first band I've been in and I just started playing a year ago and our first practice is this weekend!
So.. The main thing I'm bitching to y'all for is advice. What should I do? Should I start attempting solos and notes or am I just majorly over-reacting??
since the band will mostly be punk, you probably won't be playing any crazy lead. I would suggest learning more complicated songs, though, and practicing good every day so that in time you will be playing great lead no sweat.
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there really isnt any punk solos. there are some but they arent brain splitting so you should be fine, just try some simple scales and imcorporate them to whats going on in the band.
being able to come up with nice solo ideas takes alot of practice and a good understanding of how scales and chords work together, if your playing punk then use the blues scale ,it works well over a 3 chord progression .also check out the book, the art of rock guitar by richard daniels at www.heavyguitar.com it has helped me learn alot in a short amount of time.
At the most basic level just think of in terms of your rythm guitarrist playing chords and rythm (duh) and you're just gonna riff over it and play solos. You should start focusing on some riffs and solos. If you're not used to playing that kind of stuff try some easy solo's - a good one to start practising on i found was teenage kicks by the undertones, that's got a decent lil solo towards the end. Yea, just try and play more difficult riffs etc and you should pick it up soon enough.
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I got asked into a band yesterday to play lead but i think we will be doin mainly emo covers, but oh well, its a good start cuz i wanted to be in a band. But i too have not much music theory in my brain. I know A major scale, A Minor pentatonic, and thats all i have so far memorized. The A major scale is fun to play around with to me though.

As far as solos go, just learn a matching scale, like a minor pentatonic or major scale or something and just screw around with it. It doesnt matter if it sounds good or bad, because most punk sounds bad (to me at least) lol.